Live Demo Applications

  1. Template Fill-Out

    With AspPDF.NET, you can automatically fill out an existing blank PDF template with text information, and even place a drawing of a human signature on it.

  2. Form Fill-Out

    This demo fills out an interactive PDF form containing multiple text and checkbox fields. Individual fields are referenced by their names as opposed to physical coordinates.

  3. Encryption and Permissions

    A single method call makes a PDF document secure. AspPDF.NET supports both 40-bit and 128-bit encryption.

  4. Multi-Language Support

    PDF documents generated by AspPDF.NET can contain text in any language, as long as an appropriate font is available. This demo is based on the Arial font supporting Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic alphabets.

  5. Multi-Language Support, CJK

    This demo is based on the SimHei font supporting Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters.

  6. Invoice Generation

    A PDF document can be sent directly to a user's browser without creating a temporary copy on disk. This demo also demonstrates image support.

  7. Content Extraction

    Upload a PDF document from your hard drive to our server and let AspPDF extract raw text information from its first page, along with general document properties. Please do not attempt to upload files larger than 300KB.

  8. Barcodes

    AspPDF.NET can place barcodes on the PDF documents. All major barcode standards are supported, including UPC, Code-39 and Industrial 2/5.

  9. 2D Barcodes

    AspPDF.NET supports popular two-dimensional barcodes PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code and Aztec.

  10. Stitching

    Two or more PDFs can be "stitched" together to form a new document.

  11. Image-to-PDF Conversion

    Upload JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or BMP images to our server for instant conversion to PDF.

  12. Page Extraction

    A set of pages can be extracted from a multi-page PDF document in just one line of code. Upload an arbitrary PDF to our server to see this functionality in action.

  13. Form Field Finder

    This application enables you to determine the names of the fields in your PDF forms.

  14. Secure Mail

    With AspPDF.NET and a mailing object, you can send cross-platform password-protected email with file attachments based on PDF format.

  15. PDF-to-Image Conversion

    Converts a PDF page to image. This feature was introduced in AspPDF.NET 2.6.

  16. XFA Data Retrieval

    Retrieves XFA Template and Dataset data from an uploaded PDF form. This feature was introduced in Version 3.0.

  17. Server-Side Signing

    Digitally sign an arbitrary PDF document to protect its integrity and offer proof of the signer's identity.

  18. PDF-to-Image Conversion

    Converts a PDF page to image. This feature was introduced in AspPDF 2.0.

  19. Client-Side Signing

    Sign a server-side PDF with your client-side digital certificate. This demo utilizes Persits XEncrypt ActiveX control (Version 2.9+) to perform client-side signing. Requires Microsoft IE.

  20. Form Flattening

    Flattens an arbitrary form i.e. turns an editable PDF form to a static read-only template.