PdfTable Object


PdfTable represents a table. An instance of the PdfTable object is creatable via PdfDocument's CreateTable method. For more information about tables, see Chapter 7 - Tables.

Member List


PdfCell At(Row As Long, Column As Long) (Read-only)
Returns a PdfCell object representing a table cell specified by its Row and Column. This is the default parameterized property. This property is obsolete, use this [] instead.

float Border (Read/Write)
Returns or specifies the table's outer border. By default, the value is 0 which means the table has no outer border.

int ColNum (Read-only)
Returns the number of columns in the table.

PdfFont Font (Read/Write)
Specifies the current default font for this table to be used when the Cell.AddText method is called without a Font argument.

fload Height (Read-only)
Returns the table height.

int RowNum (Read-only)
Returns the number of rows in the table.

PdfRows Rows (Read-only)
Returns the PdfRows collection of PdfRow objects representing the table's individual rows.

PdfCell this[int Row, int Column] (Read-only)
Returns a PdfCell object representing a table cell specified by its Row and Column.

float Width (Read-only)
Returns the table width.


void SetColor(object Param)

Specifies a border or background color for this table in a color space other than RGB.

Param is a PdfParam object or parameter string specifying various color parameters, including:

  • Type (required) - specifies which color is to be modified. The valid values are: 1 (border color), 2 (cell border color), 3 (background color) and 4 (cell background color).
  • ColorSpace (required) - specifies the color space index. This value should be obtained from the Index property of the PdfColorSpace object.
  • c1, c2, ..., cN (required) - specify the individual color components for the color. These values must be in the range [0, 1] and the number of color components must match the color space being used.

This method was introduced in Version 2.7.

For more information, see Section 16.4 - Using Color Spaces with PdfTable and Other Objects.